Healing the Inner Child

20. - 22. September 2019


Healing the Inner Child

This is a work of initiation into becoming a full adult human being. It is a journey for consciously re-creating the safe, loving and welcoming space we all needed as a child.
Together we embrace and heal our past wounds and our natural energy so that the essential qualities of our souls can fully manifest – as our body, emotions, sense of self, and connection with life.

Most of the difficulties we find as adults, in relating to people, to life and to ourselves has its origin in the first seven years of our lives. At those early ages – when we didn’t receive the love, care, and touch that is every child’s primary need, and instead have been punished, not accepted or neglected – we create protective layers in order not to feel the hurt.
Those layers – that manifests in our physical, emotional and mental bodies – cover our essential qualities and the true potential we are all born with.

In this course, we are going to reconnect our child’s energy – which is emotionally younger parts of us that still live in our body and psyche. When we are not conscious about these younger selves they create a great variety of symptoms that touches every area of our lives. These energies are waiting to be seen, recognized, felt and integrated into our adult’s consciousness.

We take responsibility for our lives and start seeing the experiences from the past as possibilities to grow. We learn to give space and absorb in our system the aliveness, spontaneity, freshness, emotional connection and creativity of our essential energy.

: Will be announced, most probably in Prague

5 300 CZK (included VAT 21%)
4 900 CZK (included VAT 21%) if paid before 18. 09. 2019

Place reservation: You place will be reservated after payment of mandatory deposit 2 500 CZK. Additional payment will be with begeining of the workshop (invoice will be send to you.

Accommodation: people from outside of Prague can sleep in Limpid Works (there is space for 5 people). 
For information and reservation contact Gunes, directly at Limpid Works. Email: gunescoban@gmail.com   Phone number: +420 608 334 783

Fri 9.30 do 19.30
Sat 9.30 do 19.30
Sun 9.30 do 17.30

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contact person: Petra Pichová
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